Meet Wedgwood’s Employees

29 Aug

One of my first interviews this summer was with Jackie, Employment Training Program supervisor at Wedgwood Christian Services. She told me all about the program and recently invited me to visit and meet some of her employees.

So last week I sat down with Bayinna and Dontreal and they told me about their experience working with ETP.

Name: Bayinna                                                                          Name: Dontreal

Age: 15                                                                                      Age: 18

Summer Job: ETP                                                                     Summer Job: ETP

Dream Job: Lawyer                                                                  Dream Job: Chef or Nurse

First I asked them to just tell me about the program and what they get out of it…

This is a really good program for kids because it’s teaching them how to manage a real job when we leave. It’s teaching us about responsibility, educates us about jobs and working with supervisors and keeping a good attitude… Kids are really going to get something out of this. It’s really helpful for us, it really is. And just because we aren’t making a lot of money, it’s still the responsibility. And were making some money – my boss takes half of my check and puts it in a savings account so over time it accumulates so when I leave I’ll have some money to live with. I think I have like $300 saved up. It’s accumulating so when I get out, I can put it towards college or something. It’s not about the money; it’s learning and getting prepared for the real world. -Bayinna

I think we all have to work as a team. We have to get along with the boss and with other people. What I get out of ETP and what I’ve learned so far is that you can overcome a lot of things by getting to know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. ETP is more of a hands-on training for me, and I learn more with hands-on. It’s more teaching than it is other stuff. I’m getting out a lot of things, there is so much I’ve accomplished and what I’ve improved on and I thank Jackie for that and letting me come into ETP… It takes a lot of heart, you know, to go out there and do something in our community. -Dontreal

Do you think this will help you with what you want to do in the future? It does. It really helps me out a lot with what I would want to do because I would love to give back to my community… Where I’m at right now, I didn’t think I would get to this point in life where I am successful at something I didn’t think I would be good at. I used to have people that would always tell me “Hey, you can’t do that.” But at this job, they encourage you to do a lot more things than people out there would. – Dontreal

What did you guys learn about interviewing? You have to always look the person in the eye, sit up straight, make sure you are pronouncing things correctly and talking very clearly, you have to have something appropriate to wear. – Bayinna

Do you think working here helps you with school? It ties in with school. You have a job at school too. You have assignments to do. You have a job there that’s kind of like a job here. What math will provide over there, it provides over here. It motivates you and pushes you to do what you need to do. – Dontreal

What is your favorite part about working here? I like working out in the community: mowing, trimming and weeding for people. I know if they can’t do it, there’s someone out there that can, like me, so I’ll go out and help people. Even if it’s a hot day, it’s tough and difficult and I don’t want to work that day – I still go out and do it because I like helping people. – Bayinna

Do you feel more confident that when you need to find a job on your own that you’re going to know what to do and how to act? Well right now I’m looking for a job out in the community…. This helps us. It motivates us to try to do more. And when we get the job we’re going to know what to do, what to say because we’ve already had that kind of training. -Bayinna

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