Jubilee Jobs

07 Sep

Name: O’Nyia

Age: 17

Summer Job: Photography & Writing at Jubilee Jobs

Future Plans: O’Nyia is looking at attending either Western Michigan or Grand Valley next year. She wanted to study psychiatry, but after this summer thinks she may want to pursue a degree in journalism. [and after talking to me, possibly public relations?] ; )

I met with O’Nyia and her supervisor Belinda last week at Jubilee Jobs to learn more about the program and what O’Nyia has been doing for them this summer.

What do you do at your job? I’m a photographer and journalist. I take pictures and write about events. I dialogue what everyone says and the compliments they give about the program and stuff. I post it up sometimes. It won’t always be a task, but I like to write and I talk about Jubilee Jobs because it has been a great experience so I’ll post it up so when people come in here they know what to expect out of this program.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned? How to multitask. And how to keep busy and have fun while I work but at the same time be professional. But multitasking has been one of the biggest things I’ve learned.

What is your favorite part about the job? My favorite part…. EVERYTHING. My supervisors are really, really nice. Even though it was a laid back job, the things that they had to offer and the experiences I had… I learned it’s something you want to do in life. You want to do it not because you’re getting paid but because you enjoy it. That’s the best part.

Now that’s enough from me. If you didn’t notice, O’Nyia and I basically had the same job this summer, except hers was exclusive to Jubilee Jobs. So instead of me telling you what the kids in the program have to say, I am going to share with you her project from this summer. Enjoy!

I had them tell me what they learned and why it was a good experience. And since I like making up my own quotes and made my board of quotes, I had them make up their own quote or give me one they’ve heard before that they are going to live by  -O’Nyia

Coming into Jubilee Jobs has been an awesome experience. I’ve come to realize that great opportunities can turn into a life- long career or even a great start for ones  future. Life comes with many ups and downs but to get back up and try again will only lead into success. Jubilee Jobs helped me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to and turn the young mind into a mature mind. In this program I have learned a lot about others and most importantly myself. I found out that I can do things that I didn’t even know I can do. But to try never hurts and to say never means you’ll never try. This wonderful program has turned into a powerful voice for many others as well. Just listening and observing can be the way to your path so just keep on moving. Be your own motivator and maximize your great abilities that will soon come.

            “Don’t wait for things to happen, but make things happen!”   *O’Nyia Tucker

During my job site experience I learned how to fax and how to work and manage with kids better. I also learned how to clean pools and turn them on and off. It seems hard but its actually just very simple.

             “Never be a follower, But always follow through!   *Quadralon Mayberry- Figures

 Working at my job I learned how to work hard and show up to work on time. Another thing I learned was how to be more organized. Last but not least is to be a hard worker at all times.

              “Work Hard!”  *Jordan Guy

I have learned about exposure and a lot about my different job fields that I have attended or just talked about. Another thing would be that I learned how to be flexible with time management.

            “It’s not about where you’re from, but where you’re going!”  *Kamari Walker

A few things that I have learned during my work experience would be how to do applications and also how to act and answer questions at an interview. It taught me how to solve situations at a job. It helped me become more mature and more hands on with people at my job site.

            “I can achieve all things if I try hard enough!”   *Khalil Figures

I learned how to file papers and how to do detoxes. That part was very interesting and a good experience for me. I also learned how to answer the phone and how to provide great customer service. My social skills have improved a lot. I love the idea that I have a really nice environment around my job and I love all of my coworkers.

            “Always lead ahead because someone’s always behind you!”   *Mi’Oshia Tucker

At jubilee jobs I learned the importance of communication and working with others effectively. I enjoyed learning how to conduct ourselves in the workplace and outside of it. My personal favorite was the lesson about being confident in yourself especially in the workplace and to always smile.

            “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take our breath away!”   *Charisma Brewster

 I’ve learned from this program that i will need good communication skills in life. And also I’ve learned that i will need to work on my patience if I’m working in a business like office type work i will need to have patience because people might get angry with me and i can’t get angry back

             “Failure is not an option!”   *Ofvion Matthews

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One response to “Jubilee Jobs

  1. O'Nyia Tucker

    September 30, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Thanks for posting my quotes and a few short articles that i wrote. I really appreciate it. I Also will be sure to send you a few more articles to your e-mail, like we converted about during the interview.
    ~O’Nyia Tucker


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