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09 Sep

Steepletown Neighborhood Services employed over 100 youth this summer at a variety of job sites. I had the pleasure of visiting with Josh & Jeremiah at the Community Media Center to talk to them about what they’ve been up to this summer.

Josh & Jeremiah

City High School seniors

Summer Job: Community Media Center

Josh’s Future Plans: Wants to attend Michigan State University next fall

Jeremiah’s Future Plans: Wants to attend college at GVSU or in California to study Film & Video

After training with supervisor Gretchen, Josh & Jeremiah started out the summer working at different camps hosted by the Community Media Center that teach kids about animation, audio, video and more. As they were finishing up, staff at Steepletown were looking for someone to create videos to promote the different programs they offer and Dick Bulkowski, Director at Steepletown, decided to give the job to the boys.

And they’ve done a great job. Before our interview, I joined Steepletown and Community Media Center staff in previewing their works in progress. As I told them then, I wish I had them around to edit my video projects.

So what were their projects about?

“The videos could be shown to potential funders or just to tell people what Steepletown does. Maybe someone would want to send their kid.”

Josh: What I am working on personally is a preview of the Peace Club, what its about, what the kids do. Cause they’ve never actually filmed the Peace Club and its been going since 1994. The Peace Club is a summer program for the kids to basically interact with each other and learn good values and helps them understand how to react around other kids cause they’re working together all the time and they’re always doing team building exercises and if they work together all the time now they will be able to use those values in the future. And when they’re older everything will just click.

Jeremiah: I’m working on a Believe 2 Become video. It’s a program that helps kids go to college. Maybe something’s holding them back; maybe they don’t have after school help. They’re there to encourage them to go to college. So basically we went around and filmed some of the students working at the work sites. And what Steepletown did with B2B is that if they went to summer school, they were employed.

What did you guys learn this summer that you can take with you to a future job?

Jeremiah: Video editing is what I want to do, I hope to go to college for that. So definitely if I apply to another job similar to this, it would help and I think I could use Gretchen as a reference. I just think it will be a good resource for future jobs to say I worked here. And it’s great experience.

Josh: When the project was handed over to us, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I’d never used final cut before, I’d never used Apple before. I just think this program and the project helped me gain the experience I could use for another job. And this kind of encouraged me to look into my future about what I want to do. And I thought film seemed kind of interesting and making movies might be something I want to do in the future. And we don’t usually have the resources to make a video, we don’t have a camera. But working here has gotten me a membership for a year so we can rent equipment.

What I noticed most during my interview at the CMC is that Josh & Jeremiah have had a lot of independence this summer and have really earned the trust of their supervisors. They were given the pressure of an upcoming deadline and offered to work over the weekend if they could check-out laptops to take home. With their year-long membership at the CMC, I’m sure they will have many more opportunities to improve their video-editing skills before heading to college next fall.

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