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Fresh Start at the Hispanic Center

Manny reading to local youth

I recently had the chance to meet Emmanuel [Manny] who has been working as a youth leader at the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan’s SOL Program this summer. You’ll hear more from Manny himself in the clips below, but a bit more about him first: Manny is 24 years old; when he was younger he was in a gang, got into trouble and spent time in prison. He came out of those experiences looking for a fresh start and the chance to help young people like him stay on the right track. After volunteering at the Hispanic Center for a couple of months, the SOL Program staff was able to hire him on with the help of the Community Foundation/W.K.Kellogg Foundation grant.

Hear more about his experience this summer at the Hispanic Center and his plans for the future by clicking on the following audio clips:

How Manny got involved with the Hispanic Center:


What he did at his summer job:


One of Manny's photos of SOL youth

About the SOL Program:


What Manny learned from everyone at SOL:


How this experience will help him in the future: [audio]

As he said, he’s got a lot on his plate right now and all of those doors were opened because the Hispanic Center took a chance on him, hiring him as a youth leader. Since finishing his summer work with SOL, Manny has been hired at a local roofing company and started classes this week at GRCC. And finally…

Would he like to go back and work with the the SOL program again? [audio]

Etiquette Dinner at Amway

SOL Staff at Craig's Cruisers

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