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More Success at Project C.O.O.L.

Name: Tia

Age: 15

School: West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science

Summer Job: Duthler’s Family Foods

Future Job: Social Worker

This was Tia’s second summer working with the help of Project C.O.O.L. Last year, she did a lot of gardening and community work at Southeast Community Association. This summer she was placed at Duthler’s Family Foods doing everything from cleaning to bagging groceries to working in the bottle room.

What do you want to do after high school? I want to be a social worker and I want to go to Western Michigan University.

How do you think this job will help you in social work? It taught me to have a lot of patience with people.

How was your interview with Project C.O.O.L.? I was nervous, but it was okay. You get tongue-tied.

What did you learn about interviewing? Smile, don’t have a bad attitude, really think about the answers, and keep your grades up and do good in school because it’s based on that too.

Name: Jesse

Age: 17

School: Wyoming Park

Summer Job: Duthler’s Family Foods

Future Job: Business Owner

Jesse also worked at Duthler’s Family Foods this summer stocking and unloading trucks.

How did you get involved in Project C.O.O.L.?  Two years ago I was in Project COOL, the first time I worked at a car wash. This time I applied for it and I couldn’t get in cause of funding, and then 2 weeks or so later they called and said they found enough funding and I would be placed at Duthler’s. I wasn’t too concerned about working at a grocery store but once I got there I really liked it.

How was your interview? It was pretty good. They asked me some pretty tough questions.

What was the most important thing you learned? Maintain your job, always be on it, always be on time.

What was your favorite part of the job? It was never boring. Always something to do.

What do you want to do after high school? I want to start my own business. Not sure what yet. I really want to go to the University of Michigan. If not, then Ferris.

In addition to telling me about his great time this summer, Jesse had some more exciting news to share…

They hired me at the end of the program. The manager said he really liked what I was doing and how I worked, I was always on time so he asked me if I was interested in actually working there. I start tomorrow.

Another example of how summer jobs like Jesse’s can lead to more permanent positions and open doors to new opportunities. Hope things are going well for him after a couple weeks as a regular employee!

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Project C.O.O.L. to Law School

Name: Leighton

High School: Lowell High School Class of 2011

Summer Job: Worked at Drew, Cooper & Anding law firm for the past 3 summers

Future Plans: Left for Howard University in Washington D.C. last week to pursue his undergrad degree before heading to law school.

Leighton is a Project C.O.O.L. veteran, just finishing up his 4th year in the program and on to bigger and better things as we speak (well, as you read). He is a fine example of what youth employment programs like Project C.O.O.L. can do for a young person. Hear more about Leighton’s experience in these few clips from my interview with him:

…summer jobs can help a young person decide what they’d like to do, realize what they don’t want to do and provide invaluable experience and networking opportunities that can help kick-start a career.

All the best to Leighton during his first week in D.C.!

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